Financial Statement Preparation in Boulder, CO

Businesses owners often depend on CPAs to provide an independent analysis of their financial reporting procedures and statements. Sometimes this is for the peace of mind of the owner; sometimes to provide financial information to outside investors and sometimes as a requirement for financing arrangements.

These services are termed attest functions and the level of service drives the procedures used by the CPA in providing these services. These different levels of service are Compilations, Reviews and Audits. Each has its own set of guidelines for the CPA to employ. It is important for a business owner to request the type service that best meets their needs. The report accompanying the financial statements offer different levels of assurance and the associated costs vary.

We offer the financial statement reporting services to businesses and organizations. We want clients considering these services to understand which level of service is best for them and what the anticipated costs will be. Often it is most efficient to combine these services with tax compliance and planning services. Call us at 303-440-0400.