Bookkeeping & Small Business Accounting Services in Boulder, CO

Some businesses do not require a full-time bookkeeper on staff to track day to day activities, reconcile bank and credit card accounts, prepare payroll, sales reports, etc. Others find that farming out these services is just more efficient and allows the owner and staff more time to concentrate on their primary business function. Other times there is no staff and the business owner is on their own.

By maintaining current business records, owners can stay on top of income and expenses, respond quickly to a changing business environment, as well as keep apprised of their income tax situation.

We offer bookkeeping services customized to meet your specific needs. We work with the business owner and staff to take on as little or as much of the bookkeeping process as needed to best suit their needs.

Why You Need Business Bookkeeping

Why You Need Business Bookkeeping

The purpose of bookkeeping is to organize all the information about your business into clear, easy-to-read reports that give a "snapshot" of your business during a specific time frame. This picture allows you to prove financial viability for reporting purposes and to make predictions for business improvements in the future. From providing professional insight to creating customized financial reports, we do more than simply handle your accounting needs - we ensure everything is in perfect order. Other reasons why you need a professional bookkeeper include:

  • Keeping Accurate & Organized Financial Records
  • Preventing the Likelihood of Errors
  • Making Sure You Are Not Missing Important Deductions
  • Helping You Prevent an Audit
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